Can the pc tablet upgrade the catering business, ordering on the go?

Put frankly, replacing waiters with tablets may be a terrible idea, particularly in an financial climate as anxious as one we at present find ourselves in. A lot of people would lose their positions and, if that does not trouble you, the restaurant business itself could well finish up taking a dive as a consequence. 

An excellent maître d’ enhances your evening in the same way that a live show is that a lot better than sitting back and watching TV. Once the novelty of pc tablet-servers ebbs away, customers will realize that the process is precisely the same as ordering a takeaway online; apart from that when they order online they do not necessarily require to wear pants. Advantage: Takeaway.

On the other hand, my thinking on the issue isn’t why you requested the question. So, in response to the question , the very best Android tablet pc’s with the restaurant biz are not in fact Android tablets, but have been produced by a startup called E La Carte. Reported by Annie Lowrey of, this California-based business, 

“Has produced a kind of souped-up iPad that lets you order and pay right at your table. The brainchild of a bunch of MIT engineers, the nifty invention, known as the Presto, might be found at a restaurant near you soon”. 

She goes on to explain the way it all works, so I’ll reprint it now: 

“It works like this. The company manufactures tablet computers with full-day battery lives and a credit-card reader attached. The interface is easy enough for a grade-schooler to use. You select what you want to eat and add items to a cart. Depending on the restaurant’s preferences, the console could show you nutritional information, ingredients lists, and photographs. You can make special requests, like “dressing on the side” or “quintuple bacon.” When you’re done, the order zings over to the kitchen, and the Presto tells you how long it will take for your items to come out. Want a margarita in the meantime? Just add it on the console, and wait for the waiter to bring it. Bored with your companions? Play games on the machine. When you’re through with your meal, you pay on the console, splitting the bill item-by-item if you wish and paying however you want. And you can have your receipt emailed to you”. 

According to the designers, the tablet pc assists restaurants to differentiate itself, that is hard to disagree with, until you realize that once upon a time there was perhaps just one restaurant that had crazy, kitschy crap throughout its walls and all the others copied that model, in order to better ‘differentiate’ themselves. 

Never to be outdone, though, Android POS, built by Accupos is definitely an app specially created for eateries to use in a similar way to a E La Carte tablet. It may work out cost-effective than the E La Carte alternative, if you’re a restaurant owner aiming to purchase. 

Will these innovative devices catch on? Only time will tell, but I’m guessing that ultimately we’ll go back to Human servers, if only to have someone else to network with on those awkward dates.

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