About SAAM Technologies

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SAAM Technologies “bridges the gap” between “open mold techniques” and “typical SMC production”. We’ve done this by designing Automated Compression Molding Systems (SAAM’s) that utilize low pressure, in some cases below 100 psi. SAAM’s are specifically designed for use with Low Pressure Molding Compounds (LPMC™).

There are two major cost saving advantages realized by working with low pressure. First, Fabricated Steel Tooling (FST) can be utilized instead of the higher cost tooling normally required in SMC environments. Secondly, when comparing cost between a SAAM System and a typical high tonnage press, the difference is substantial. As a result, the “financial barrier to entry” into the Automated Compression Molding arena is dramatically reduced.

Visit our “SAAM Advantages” page for more information regarding SAAM Technologies and how we can make your company more profitable. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to…

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